What we play

The Instruments
gaidaGaida – This bagpipe has a single drone and variety of possible chanters in different pitches. The “D” or “re” chanter and the “G” or “sol” are the most common.


Kaval – This end blown flute is commonly made in three separate piece fit together like an orchestral flute. The kaval is played by blowing at an angle across the end of open tube.


Tambura – The 8 stringed instrument is tuned like the 4 highest strings of a guitar with each pitch doubled. Commmonly a rhythm and chord instrument it can also be used for virtuosic melody lines.
Gadulka – This bowed instrument has 3 bowed strings tuned to “E” and the “A” above and below it. There are also 10 sympathetic resonating strings. The strings are fretted with the fingernail or tip of the finger – there is no fretboard.

Tupan – The double headed drum is played with a heavy stick on one side and a light one on the other. The best musicians play this drum like another voice in the ensemble, not just the beat for someone else’s melody line.

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